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Growing your startup
works best with hirize

We know how hard it is to start, grow and manage your startup all at the same time. Startups get 60% discount at the Hirize startup program.
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Growing your startup works best with hirize

Don't let outdated solutions
hold you back


Unlock new possibilities in the market with cutting-edge technology, stay ahead of competitors by providing your users unparalleled accuracy.


Accelerate your success with the latest AI solutions. Get access to reliable technology and unparalleled accuracy for a winning strategy.


Enhance your experience with hirize - our 24/7 tech support team keeps you up and running any time of day. Make success a priority!

Make your business run at
its best

Comprehensive product line

We help you grow

Special startup package, start your HR tech business with Hirize, we are with you along the way at a special discount.

Eligibility requirements

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Stage: up to early stage
  • Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old
Small size
  • Less than 05 employees
User base
  • 1,000 people reached per month
New Customer
  • Currently not a Hirize customer

Customer stories

"With Hirize, we experienced an impressive increase in qualified applicants - a massive 30% jump! Streamlining our recruiting process has never been more successful."
Jer Langhans
Paired Sourcing