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Who says you can’t
innovate at scale?

For companies with extensive HR needs, advanced solutions are crucial. Hirize is tailored to provide the most accurate insights right when you need it.
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Who says you can’t innovate at scale?

AI designed with your
needs in mind

Integrates with large platforms

Hirize integrates easily with large platforms through our powerful API, allowing businesses to leverage our advanced hiring technology without disrupting their existing workflows.

Helps you solve HR hick-ups

Hirize provides advanced HR solutions to avoid common hiccups, enabling informed hiring decisions for business growth and success.

Extensive Support

Hirize offers extensive support to ensure effective use of our platform. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer questions.

Make your business run at its best

More qualified candidates

Hundreds of ways to
integrate, and counting

Add Hirize to your favorite tools or bring your favorite tools along
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Enterprise-grade security

Complete Security

Our API follows industry-standard security protocols, such as OAuth 2.0 authentication and HTTPS encryption, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure secure data transmission.

Data Encryption

All Hirize servers are within our virtual private cloud encrypt data at rest.


Support for single sign-on (Google SSO, SAML), two-factor authentication, and user roles and permissions.

Regional Data Hosting & Storage

Hirize API offers regional data hosting and storage to ensure compliance with local data regulations and optimize performance.


  • SOC 2
  • ISO27001


Hirize API is GDPR compliant, ensuring the protection of personal data and giving customers control over their data privacy preferences.