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Revolutionize Your
Recruitment with
AI-Powered Matching

Easily reduce candidate search to seconds while maintaining accuracy. Discover a new way of reaching top talent, faster than ever before.
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Revolutionize Your Recruitment with AI-Powered Matching
+ 6Mn resumes
AI model trained with over 6 million datasets.
<1 sec
Screen and match resumes under a second.
1000+ integrations
Easily integrate with most of HR software.

Industry's most advanced
matching engine designed
with Self learning AI

Unlock your talent pool
Seamless to implement while using State of the art technology

Seamless to implement while using State of the art

Hirize AI Match can be easily accessed via a RESTFul API call, enabling you to quickly process documents and raw text for an accurate score.

Maximizing your efficiency with data without complex setup or hassle!

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AI matching

Job and Industry Agnostic

A single technology that understands both blue-collar and white-collar jobs, junior and senior positions, in all industries.

Multiple Languages

Parse resumes and job descriptions in 24 + Languages including Arabic, Hebrew, and Hindi

Custom AI Algorithms

Your culture and company are unique, so should your matching engine.

Data Debiasing

Long-standing prejudices bias training data. A biased training set will cause an algorithm to codify and magnify bias. We designed auditing algorithms to identify and remove data biases.

Algorithmic Auditing

Machine learning algorithms are not fair by default. We designed inclusive models to assure fairness and reduce biases (allocation, representation, gender, ethnicity, stereotypes, and more.)

Continuous Retraining

Our algorithms learn with every data point, interaction, and feedback using online learning.

Customer stories

"With Hirize, we experienced an impressive increase in qualified applicants - a massive 30% jump! Streamlining our recruiting process has never been more successful."
Jer Langhans
Paired Sourcing

asked questions

Everything you need to know about Hirize APIs, integrations and pricing.

A resume and job matching API is an application programming interface that enables recruiters or hiring managers to automatically match job postings with resumes of potential candidates. The API uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze job descriptions and resumes to determine which candidates have the best fit for the job.

The Hirize matching API uses deep learning to identify not just the most relevant qualifications but also the underlying skills and competencies required for a job. It can identify candidates who may not have the exact qualifications listed in the job posting but possess the necessary skills to excel in the role. The API constantly learns and improves its algorithms, making it a powerful tool for businesses looking to make more informed hiring decisions.

A resume and job matching API can save your business time and money in the recruiting process. By automatically matching job postings with resumes, the API eliminates the need for recruiters or hiring managers to manually sift through stacks of resumes. This allows your business to focus on more strategic tasks, such as interviewing and evaluating candidates.

The resume and job matching API considers a range of factors, such as the candidate's work experience, education, skills, certifications, and other relevant qualifications. The API also takes into account the job requirements and qualifications specified in the job posting.

Yes, the resume and job matching API can be customized to meet your specific business needs. You can adjust the algorithms and criteria used for matching resumes with job postings to ensure that the API produces the most relevant results for your business.

Integrating the resume and job matching API into your business's website is a straightforward process that can be done by your website developer. The API typically provides documentation and support to guide the integration process. Once integrated, the API can be accessed through a user-friendly interface or integrated directly into your hiring management system.

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Our robust API let you seamlessly integrate Hirize with your own product, tech stack, or other tools.
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