We believe in enhancing rather than replacinghuman intelligence

We explored available technologies in the human resources industry and discovered a state of stagnation. Even with the most cutting-edge technology, the hiring process has largely remained the same for decades.

Despite a lack of change, employers have a strong desire to enhance their hiring process with new technologies. That is why we established Hirize. We provide smart, AI-driven systems that save time for HR departments so they can focus on attracting and retaining great talent.

ReimaginingHuman Resources

Our team specializes in Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and Deep Learning. With over 40 years of HR experience, our management team is deeply committed to reimagining the hiring process and providing the tools to help our customers build a strong workforce.

A Place forInnovation
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Hirize is looking for risk-takers who aren't afraid to question the status quo. Even if your experience does not exactly match the job description, you are encouraged to apply.

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