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Extract data from any
HR document

Effortlessly Extract Valuable Insights from HR Documents: Streamline Decision-Making on People, Processes, and Results
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Extract data from any HR document

Automate your document
based HR processes

OCR Powered

OCR Powered

With our OCR-powered parsing engine, HR documents are easily converted into digital records. Whether you need to digitize a scanned hard copy or native PDF file – we've got you covered!

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"With Hirize, we experienced an impressive increase in qualified applicants - a massive 30% jump! Streamlining our recruiting process has never been more successful."
Jer Langhans
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Everything you need to know about Hirize APIs, integrations and pricing.

Hirize HR Docs is a parser that extracts data from HR documents such as employee review letters, performance reports, and other HR-related documents. The API uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify and extract key information such as employee names, job titles, performance ratings, and feedback.

Hirize HR Docs can save your HR team a significant amount of time and effort in manually processing HR documents. By automatically extracting key information from these documents, the API eliminates the need for your HR team to spend hours reading and analyzing each document. This frees up your team's time to focus on more strategic HR tasks, such as employee development and retention.

Hirize HR Docs can parse a wide range of HR documents, including employee review letters, performance reports, job descriptions, offer letters, and more. The API is designed to extract key information from any HR document that includes structured data, such as employee names, job titles, dates, and ratings.

Hirize HR Docs is highly accurate in extracting data from HR documents. The API uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze HR documents and identify key information. The API also includes built-in error-checking mechanisms to ensure that extracted data is accurate and reliable.

Integrating Hirize HR Docs into your business's HR system is a straightforward process that can be done by your website developer or IT team. The API typically provides documentation and support to guide the integration process. Once integrated, the API can be accessed through a user-friendly interface or integrated directly into your HR management system.

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