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At our core, we embrace the idea of diversity in all its forms. We believe that by encouraging different perspectives and cultivating an inclusive environment, innovation is sparked and meaningful connections are made.


At Hirize, we prioritize Equity by recognizing everyone's right to equal access and opportunities. We strive for a fair work environment where contributions are honored and rewarded with commensurate outcomes.


Inclusion is one of the core values that drives us forward. We strive to foster an environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and mutual respect for all individuals regardless of ability, background or identity.
AI is more than just coding and algorithms; it's a powerful tool that can transform the way we work and live. At Hirize, our devoted team leverages AI's potential to transform the recruiting landscape. We're not here to maintain the status quo; we're committed to taking bold risks and making a meaningful impact on the world of talent acquisition.
Esranur Kaygin
CEO and Founder Hirize
Esranur Kaygin

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The ideal candidate is an energetic self-starter with the ability to identify influencers and key decision makers within accounts. You will discover qualified opportunities by responding to inbound interests and targeted outbound prospects to build rapport and establish long-term relationships.
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