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Leverage state-of-the-art AI
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Make data strategic
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Parsing Parallelism
Unmatched parallelism capability

How is Hirize different?

Finding the best talent starts with extracting keywords from resumes; Hirize goes beyond this by understanding resumes better and unveiling more information.

We do this by leveraging OpenAI's GPT3 model which creates correlations between the applicants' experiences.

The benefit for you? Hirize will provide you with more applicants that suit your criteria.

How is Hirize different?

Seamless API Integration with RESTFul API

The Hirize Resume Parser, easy to integrate with a simple POST call to our API. Code examples in all the major programming languages are available in our documentation.

Start integrating your HR product with Hirize right away!

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Seamless API Integration with RESTFul API
Try Hirize Parser
Extract data from a profile, or a resume across all media formats — such as names, emails, phones, locations, companies, schools, degrees, titles, tasks, skills...
Strategic Benefits
All Extensions & Formats
Data extraction from all media formats PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPEG and more.
Text Recognition (OCR)
Home-made OCR specialized in HR documents.
Image Processing
Layout analysis of complex documents with Deep computer vision optimizations.
Easy Implementation
Implement with our API easy and effortlesly contact use our helpdesk
Document Classification
Automatic classification of documents to resumes, cover letters and other categories.
Orientation Correction
Automatic document orientation correction.

Resume Parser API


Everything you need to know about Hirize resume parser. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact our team

A resume parser or job parser read, analyze, and extract data. It extracts job titles, skills, education history, contact information, and other data using NLP. The parsed data is structured for searchability. This system reduces human labor and improves recruiting decision accuracy and timeliness.

The Hirize resume parser goes beyond text parsing. It extracts talents, expertise, and contact information using NLP and ML. Unlike other solutions, Hirize can interpret intent, meaning it can identify skills, experience, and education from resumes without relying on specific keywords. 

The Hirize Resume Parsing API efficiently converts resumes into structured formats. The API can process resumes in many languages and extract information using advanced NLP, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and ML algorithms. The API structures information in a downloadable format (such as XML or JSON). 

Hirize Resume Parsing API setup is simple. Create a Hirize account and a custom plan. The Hirize dashboard helps you onboarding in 4 easy steps, once you set up your account you can create an API key, if needed the API  guide walks you through integrating the API into your application. 

Our price page provides details here

It is important to note that the API supports multiple file formats including PDFs, DOCX, TXT, and HTML5 as well as image files like PNG or JPG.

Our API is designed for anyone to easily integrate into their existing systems and processes. The API features intuitive and user-friendly tools that make parsing data easy, so regardless of your technical background, you can take advantage of the powerful capabilities that our API offers.

It only takes a few clicks to integrate the Hirize Resume Parsing API into a job board or app. First, sign up and generate an API key. Copy your API key and paste it into your website or app code. In the dashboard, you can connect by programming language or with tools such as Zapier, Bubble, and Make. Next, you can specify which data you want to extract from the files, which can also be found in the dashboard.