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Join us in shaping the future of HR

Deliver amazing user experience

Transform your HR solutions with our comprehensive product line, armed with the latest AI technologies and tools. Supported by OCR, Machine Learning and generative AI
Hirize Parser

Hirize Parser

Industries most developed parser, turn resumes into structured data.
Hirize DataAI

Hirize DataAI

Predict turnover with the power of predictive analytics.
AI Matching

AI Matching

Search, score and match the most relevant profiles instantly.
Hirize Logic

Hirize Logic

Enrich resume data, unlock up to 60% more skills from resumes and gain deeper insights for superior matches.
Hirize IQ

Hirize IQ

Generate tailored interview questions and summaries based on resume and job description with GPT.
Hirize Docs

Hirize Docs

Transform your HR documents into meaningful, actionable data with ease!

A new era in recruitment

Improve candidate and employee experience

Customer stories

"With Hirize, we experienced an impressive increase in qualified applicants - a massive 30% jump! Streamlining our recruiting process has never been more successful."
Jer Langhans
Paired Sourcing

Enterprise-grade security

Complete Security

Our API follows industry-standard security protocols, such as OAuth 2.0 authentication and HTTPS encryption, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure secure data transmission.

Data Encryption

All Hirize servers are within our virtual private cloud encrypt data at rest.


Support for single sign-on (Google SSO, SAML), two-factor authentication, and user roles and permissions.

Regional Data Hosting & Storage

Hirize API offers regional data hosting and storage to ensure compliance with local data regulations and optimize performance.


  • SOC 2
  • ISO27001


Hirize API is GDPR compliant, ensuring the protection of personal data and giving customers control over their data privacy preferences.