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The 5 Best Resume Parsing Software 2024

Discover the top resume-parsing software of 2024! Get in-depth comparisons of the leading resume parsing software, focusing on features and accuracy.

The 5 Best Resume Parsing Software 2024

Fast and accurate resume parsing is key for HR tech tools like ATS, HRMS, and job boards, as well as for large enterprises dealing with thousands of resumes. Automating this process is crucial for business efficiency and, more importantly, business success! Accuracy matters – finding the right resume parser for your specific needs is essential. Our HR tech experts have prepared a guide to help you select the ideal resume parser that fits your unique requirements.

In this article, you will find must-to-know information related to resume parsing software, including:

  • What is resume parsing software?
  • Benefits of having a resume parser in your company
  • Top resume-parsing software providers in the market

What is a resume parsing software?

Resume parsing software, helps read, extract, and classify information from resumes. It complements the recruitment process from sourcing to storing CV information. In tasks like sourcing or matching, the accuracy of parsed profiles is vital as it leads to more precise matches. Parsing APIs, integral to the broader recruitment automation process, provide essential support in quickly hiring the best candidate.

It enhances the recruitment process from sourcing to storing applicant information. It complements the recruitment process from sourcing to storing applicant CV information. In tasks like sourcing or matching, the accuracy of parsed profiles is vital as it leads to more precise matches. Parsing APIs, integral to the broader recruitment automation process, provide essential support in quickly hiring the best candidate.

Here are several perks of implementing the right resume-parsing software:

  • Faster screening for HR teams & agencies:

For an average job post, almost 250 applicants send their resumes, out of which 88% profiles are not fit for the role. With technologies such as OCR and Deep Learning, a resume parser can process such a volume of resumes effectively.

  • Strategic assistance for recruitment teams:

Resume parser software is a tool that can help take care of processing a vast amount of resumes within minutes. Such a tool can innovate the recruitment process of enterprises and agencies so that they can focus on sophisticated responsibilities.

  • API integrations for advancements of HR products:

A resume-parsing solution provider can boost the HR product development lifecycle with ready-to-integrate APIs. Enterprises can also integrate these APIs with their existing platform to leverage the latest advancements without modifying their workflows.

  • Supporting different formats and languages:

An advanced resume parsing tool can also help you process candidate profiles in any format or language. Whether they use a simple MS Word template or a complex tool like Canva, a parsing tool can extract the information from it. With its APIs on the backend, your HR SaaS product can become versatile.

  • Recruitment data and operational statistics:

A recruitment solution to gather and store information from different resumes and market analysis can build a database to search and predict easily. From finding the right candidate to predicting the best match, resume parsing software can help you out.

Top Resume Parsing Software Providers

The need for resume parsing software is unique for each, from large enterprise recruitment teams to startups building HR products. Luckily, there are several resume parsing solutions to choose from. Here are several popular resume-parsing software solutions, along with their pros and cons:

1. Hirize Resume Parser

hirize resume parser try

Hirize is among the rising resume parsers that leverage the best of the latest technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to deliver an industry-leading accuracy of around 90-95%. Companies can benefit from these AI algorithms by integrating Hirize APIs into their ecosystem.

Such parsing, along with Hirize’s ecosystem of Generative AI interviewing tools and resume-matching prediction models, make Hirize a transformative recruitment solution.


  • Extensive product suite, from parsing to matching but also Generative AI tools and predictive analytics.
  • A free trial solution to try out Hirize
  • Three pricing models with a custom bundle pricing option
  • Easy API integrations to build your solution with Hirize APIs in any programming language.


  • High-end packages to access the entire suite of solutions
  • Reliance on AI and must account for responsible AI practices


Hirize provides two subscription models alongside a free trial, catering to diverse business needs: pre-made packages for enterprises and custom packages for HR Vendors:

Pre-Made Packages:

- Demo ($79/month): A one-time package providing 150 credits for resume parsing, AI profile matching, and job parsing, ideal for those looking to sample the service.

- Standard ($350/month): This plan allows the processing of up to 2500 files with 2500 credits and includes access to all AI solutions, except for Hirize Docs.

- Premium ($500/month): As the most comprehensive option, it offers 5000 credits, full platform features, and dedicated integration support.

Custom Packages for HR Vendors:

Hirize also provides customizable packages specifically for HR tech vendors. These tailored solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, meeting the unique operational needs of HR professionals.

Hirize's Premium plan is the top choice for enterprises, offering 5000 credits to process an extensive number of candidate profiles. With all platform features and dedicated integration support, it's ideal for businesses handling high volumes of resumes.

On top of these packages, Hirize provides an annual plan option, equivalent to two free months compared to the monthly plans, rewarding users committed to a long-term relationship.

You can try Hirize's AI resume parser for free now!

2. Textkernel Parser

texternel resume parser product page

Textkernel is another AI-based resume parsing solution that also caters to different AI solutions for resume parsing and skill matching. Textkernel provides APIs for competitor analysis to predict their hiring strategy. Textkernel also acquired another AI resume parsing tool named Sovren to gain stronger market penetration.


  • Textkernel has been in the market for years now.
  • Offers market insights about their recruitment operations.
  • Provides a candidate engagement platform for communication.


  • Must take care of cognitive bias for AI applications.
  • Inconsistent user feedback on public platforms.
  • Limited features like OCR in lower plans.
  • Unclear pricing plan without clear cost.


- Free:

Offers one month of free trial with 500 document parsing for resume parsing, job parsing, and data management.

- Professional: Starts from $99/month

Allows users to parse up to 100,000 documents for the same features as a free package with resume parsing, job parsing, data handling, and multi-lingual support.

- Enterprise: Starts from $500/month

Everything on the professional plan, along with higher-end features like OCR and structured data inputs. Without specified parsing volume, the difference in pricing between the Professional and Enterprise packages is harder to justify.

3. HireAbility’s ALEX Resume & Job Parser

alex resume parser product page

HireAbility offers a resume & job parser, ALEX, which solely focuses on parsing job postings and resumes. Leveraging AI for NLP and pattern recognition, ALEX supports more than 50 languages and provides output in an XML and JSON file format. One can integrate ALEX into their HR tech platform with a few lines of API key.


  • Supports many different languages
  • It can process input file formats like Word, PDF, Excel, HTML, RTF, plain text, and even social media profiles.


  • Limited with resume and job parsing
  • Old-school XML and JSON output
  • Poor user interface, lacking intuitive experience


Free 30-day trial with 30 parses available. Request for price model where users must contact the sales team in order to learn about pricing models.

4. Rchilli Resume Parser

rchilli resume parser product feautures

Another popular AI-parsing solution is the Rchilli resume parser, which leverages AI for data parsing, matching, and redaction. Rchilli is among the simpler yet more productive resume-parsing tools available in the market.


  • Offers a quick 24x7 support
  • Wide range of reviews to read and understand the product
  • Modular pricing models for ease


  • Complex APIs and lack of documentation
  • Comes with an average frontend user interface
  • Lacks OCR to scan resume images and translate them into text


Apart from an undefined free plan, the platform provides three different pricing models with varieties as covered here:

- Standard plan

The standard plan allows the users to have monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The monthly plan starts with 500 documents for $75, the quarterly plan starts with 1,500 resumes for $225, and the annual plan starts with 6,000 files for $825. All these plans offer a pricing for higher document count.

- Incubator program

This is a one-time payment model with the provision to process 3,000 documents for $150. Flat and easy pricing model.

- Enterprise plan

An enterprise plan is a custom model that the company shares upon request based on user requirements.

5. Affinda Resume Parser

texternel resume parser product page

Just like Hirize, Affinda also leverages AI to be a powerful parsing solution. The ability to process 100+ different fields and a resume in multiple languages makes Affinda an interesting parsing solution.


  • A clean and intuitive user interface.
  • Transparent and modular pricing packages


  • Lack of exclusivity as the provider also focuses on invoicing and accounts payable.
  • Separate costs for parsing and matching resumes.


- Two testing plans:

Offers one free 30-day trial with 200 documents limit and one advanced testing package with 2000 documents for 3 months duration.

- Resume parsing plans:

With modular pricing, it has exclusive resume parsing plans starting at $80 for 6000 documents.

- Searching and matching plans:

Just like parsing, the exclusive searching and matching plans are charged as per the volume of documents. The costs for different document counts are the same as parsing plans.

Try Hirize's advanced resume-parsing software today!

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