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Leading with Precision: How Hirize Outshines in Resume Parsing Accuracy

Resume parsing accuracy is pivotal to the effectiveness of talent sourcing and recruitment processes.

Leading with Precision: How Hirize Outshines in Resume Parsing Accuracy

Resume parsing accuracy is pivotal to the effectiveness of talent sourcing and recruitment processes. The accuracy of parsing—measured by proficiency in data extraction and correct field allocation—can have a significant impact on talent acquisition efficiency. Leading the charge in this domain is Hirize, with a formidable accuracy rate of 95%. This blog post aims to explain the rigorous testing process we followed, the competitive landscape, and the unique technological advantages of Hirize that make this high accuracy possible.


Our research is based on a meticulous testing process. We selected a range of resumes and job descriptions, each designed with complex layouts, including multiple columns, intricate designs, and various color coding. These challenging scenarios reflect real-world conditions and thoroughly test the limits of parsing capabilities.


We compared Hirize's performance with three recognized players in the market—Textkernel, Sovren, and Affinda.


With 21 years of experience and machine learning at its core, demonstrated moderate success in data extraction from complex documents. However, when it came to correct field allocation, the accuracy dropped to 68%. The intricately designed documents challenged Textkernel's machine-learning algorithms, revealing room for improvement.


Another significant competitor with 14 years of market presence and a basic AI engine, encountered similar challenges. While data extraction was fairly successful, the accuracy of field allocation stood at a lower 60%.


A younger player with seven years in the market, leverages a combination of machine learning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Despite an admirable accuracy rate of 76%, it too stumbled when processing intricately formatted, multi-column layouts.

All of these parsers faced challenges when parsing an image of a printed resume. None managed to accurately extract and allocate data in this instance, indicating a significant gap in their capabilities.


Hirize outperformed the competition in all tests, demonstrating an impressive 95% accuracy in data extraction and correct field allocation, even for complex, color-coded, and multi-column documents. Crucially, Hirize was the only parser capable of accurately parsing an image of a printed resume, showcasing its superior capabilities.

This unparalleled performance can be attributed to Hirize's advanced technological framework. Hirize uses a blend of NLP (Natural Language Processing), LLM (Large Language Models), LLAMa (Long Length Attention Mechanism), Deep Learning AI, and OCR. Here's how these technologies contribute to Hirize's superiority:

NLP, LLM, and Deep Learning AI:

These tools enable Hirize to understand the context, semantics, and nuances of language, much like a human would. This leads to a more precise understanding of the data, resulting in superior extraction and field allocation.


This technology empowers Hirize to analyze large blocks of text without losing context or coherence. It contributes to a more comprehensive and accurate parsing process.


With OCR integration, Hirize can accurately parse image-based documents, an attribute absent in its competitors.

Hirize's capability to parse any file format and provide on-the-fly translation into 24 languages further distinguishes it as a versatile and globally adaptable solution.


The 95% accuracy rate of Hirize directly impacts the quality of candidate selection and the efficiency of the recruitment process. With such precise field allocation, Hirize streamlines talent acquisition, saving time and resources. Customers gain access to a tool that not only excels in its current performance but also promises sustained innovation.


Hirize, with its advanced technologies and impressive 95% accuracy rate, outshines the competition in the realm of resume parsing. It provides an unmatched competitive edge to HR professionals seeking to optimize their recruitment processes. With Hirize, you can elevate your talent sourcing and acquisition to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency.

We hope this comparison will help you appreciate the value a high-quality resume parser like Hirize can bring to your recruitment process. The proficiency in data extraction and correct field allocation not only streamlines your process but also ensures the highest level of accuracy, ultimately improving your hiring outcomes.

Remember, this blog post's purpose is not to simply assert our superiority, but rather to provide an accurate, unbiased, and data-driven view of the current market scenario. This detailed understanding will guide potential customers, like you, to make the most informed choice.

For more information or to test our platform, feel free to visit the Hirize website. We're here to assist you in transforming your recruitment process through the power of efficient, accurate, and innovative resume parsing.

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