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3 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Resume Screening

In this article we'll discuss three reasons why you should consider using AI resume parsing technology and how it works.

3 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Resume Screening

AI resume parsing is quickly becoming an invaluable tool in the HR recruitment process. By utilizing resume parsing software, recruiters and hiring managers can easily and accurately review resumes while minimizing time-to-hire and boosting efficiency. AI resume parsers are powerful tools that enable businesses to uncover top talent at scale. In this article, we’ll discuss three reasons why you should consider using AI resume parsing technology and how it works.

What is AI resume parsing? How does it work?

AI resume parsing is a technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically scan resumes and extract important details such as job titles, skills, education, certifications, and work experience. The resume parser scans each resume quickly and accurately so recruiters can review multiple applications in less time.

AI resume parsers use natural language processing (NLP) to scan each resume with precision and accuracy. It can identify key information like job titles, companies, work experience, skills, certifications, and education. Once the resume is scanned and parsed into an easy-to-read format, recruiters can quickly review the details of each resume and narrow down their search to only qualified candidates.


1. Reduce time spent on manual resume screening:

One of the most time-consuming tasks in recruitment is resume screening. With AI resume parsing technology, recruiters don’t have to manually review every resume and can quickly identify qualified candidates from a large pool of applications.

Resume parsing allows for much faster resume screening than manual reviews. The software eliminates the need for a recruiter or hiring manager to manually scan each resume - instead, they can simply upload a batch of resumes into the parser and within seconds, receive parsed data with relevant job history information organized into a standardized format. The resume parser can also extract specific information, such as names, dates, and titles, eliminating the need for a manual review of resume details.

2. Use fit ratings to find the best-suited candidates faster:

AI resume parsers can also generate fit ratings for each resume, helping you quickly identify and prioritize the best-suited candidates. Fit ratings are determined based on how closely a resume matches the job criteria or skills required for the position. This helps recruiters easily identify potential hires without having to manually review and compare individual resume data points.

Dynamic fit scores are an important part of the resume screening process because: • They speed up resume screening by providing a reliable and accurate way to assess candidate qualifications • They eliminate bias in resume screening • They provide a more comprehensive view of each resume and rank them based on criteria that are important for the job.

Resume parsing is more accurate than manual resume screening. By using resume parsing software instead of manual reviews, recruiters can be assured that resumes are being read accurately and all relevant job qualifications are being considered during the selection process. AI resume parsers have been trained with millions of resumes to recognize appropriate keywords and phrases associated with particular jobs or skill sets - something that a human reviewer simply could not do as quickly or accurately.

3. Increase the number of qualified applicants presented to hiring managers:

By using resume parsing technology to quickly identify and prioritize the best-suited candidates, recruiters can present more qualified applicants to hiring managers. This saves time for everyone involved in the recruitment process and ensures that only top talent is being presented for consideration. Plus, resume parsers can identify skills gaps within a resume that might not be obvious at first glances, such as missing certifications or language proficiency.

AI resume parsing technology helps recruiters to improve their hiring accuracy and ensure that qualified candidates are not overlooked during the recruitment process. The resume parser software will accurately scan each resume and extract relevant information while eliminating any potential errors due to manual reviews. Additionally, by providing detailed insights into a candidate’s resume, resume parsing technology helps recruiters make more informed decisions about who to hire for a job.


Hirize's resume parsing tool is a great solution for recruiters looking to streamline the resume screening process. Powered by AI, it can quickly and accurately parse resumes and extract relevant job history information from them. In addition, Hirize's resume parser can generate dynamic fit scores to help recruiters quickly identify and prioritize the best-suited candidates. This saves time for everyone involved in the recruitment process and ensures that only top talent is presented for consideration.

In conclusion, resume parsers offer a great way to quickly identify qualified candidates and save time in the recruitment process. By using resume parser technology, recruiters can reduce time-to-hire and ensure that only the most qualified applicants are presented to hiring managers. Additionally, resume parsers can eliminate any potential bias in resume screening and provide detailed insights into candidate qualifications - helping recruiters make more informed hiring decisions.

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