Hirize a new way of hiring!

Screen resumes and make hiring decisions based on data science and predictive modeling.

Connect with the talentyou are looking for
Powerful Search

Hirize uses a unique algorithm to match candidates to specific job requirements, actively compares candidates and ranks them according to their suitability along the dimensions.

Intelligent Hiring

Let AI automate time-consuming tasks like scheduling and reduce time to hire & make educated perditions about how long a candidate will remain on the job.

Here’s how Hirize works

AI-powered Resume Screening

Hirize AI technology is based on Deep Learning. It is the industry's first of its kind. Allow it to change the way you hire.

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Automated Interview Scheduling

Hirize helps you save time. Our algorithm prioritizes the best candidates for the position and schedules them accordingly.

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Customized Hiring Flows

Create your custom hiring flows and integrate Hirize with other tools you use to streamline your hiring process.

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