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Manage your Hiring with Hirize API
Comprehensive solutions covering the entire value chain of recruitment. Hire with ease!
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Manage your Hiring with Hirize API

We Create Value

HR Vendors
Offer your customers cutting-edge parsing and matching that is unrivaled in terms of speed, accuracy, and reliability.
The Hirize API is simple to integrate with major corporate ATS, allowing you to enhance your current hiring tech stack while saving time.
Staffing Agencies
Hirize solutions will maximize your resume database. Hirize finds 30% more qualified candidates from the same resume pool.
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Jer Langhans / Founder Paired Sourcing

"Hiring managers time is extremely valuable & Hirize technology puts the most quality applicants at the top of their list! Every time, automatically."

Jer Langhans / Founder Paired Sourcing


Everything you need to know about Hirize APIs, integrations and pricing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact our team

Hirize is a resume and job parser and matcher powered by machine learning. In addition to these core APIs Hirize also extracts data from other HR-related files such as recruitment and performance appraisal documents.

Hirize has the highest accuracy rate, next to this it uses the latest AI technology called GTP-3. Hirize is able to extract data from images, word files, and pdfs, contact our sales team to learn more about how we extract data.

Yes absolutely, by integrating the Hirize API you can easily supercharge your current ATS. We helped the most prominent organizations to switch their AI recruitment software our technical sales team helps you during the migration process every step along the way.

Hirize is able to extract data from any HR-related document such as:

  • Resumes
  • Job specs
  • HR documents

Hirize provides several integration options, such as Zapier or simply creating an API key; integrations can take as little as an hour.

  • Hirize Job parsing - Turn your job description into structured data
  • Hirize Resume Parser - Extract data from resumes with the highest accuracy
  • Hirize Matcher - Match job to candidate and candidate to jobs
  • Hirize RetainMe - Predict how long candidates will stay on the job
  • Hirize Extract - Turn HR documents into structured data