Next Gen AI Resume Screening

Our Deep Learning algorithm screens resumes and connect you with the most suitable candidates. Let AI do the legwork so you can focus on what's next in the hiring process.

Resume Screening | Hirize
Don’t Miss Out OnAwesome Candidates

Find quality in much less time

71% of employers report a lack of quality candidates, while 91% of recruiters say they don’t have time to perform their jobs. With Hirize’s AI resume screening, no quality candidate will slip through the cracks, and it won’t take long to find them.

Prioritize based on our algorithm

Our next-gen AI technology assists in pre-qualifying (or disqualifying) candidates. In a matter of seconds, Hirize can determine whether a resume is a match for your job, freeing up your time to concentrate on next steps.

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Interview Scheduling

Our algorithm prioritizes the best candidates for the position and schedules them accordingly

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Customized Hiring Flows

Hirize offers you the flexibility to customize hiring flows so they fit your existing processes

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