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AI Recruitment Failures: How to Avoid Screening Out Well-Suited Candidates?

AI Recruitment Failures: How to Avoid Screening Out Well-Suited Candidates?

As AI recruitment tools become more popular, it is important to be aware of the ways they can fail. One common issue is that some resume screening tools use algorithms that screen out well-suited candidates because they don't use a specific word in their resumes. If your resume doesn't include that keyword, you may be passed over for a job that you would have been perfect for. In this blog post, we will discuss how to avoid this issue and ensure that your resume makes it through the screening process!

Understanding How Resume Screening Works

Resume screening is the process of reviewing resumes to determine which candidates should be given the opportunity to interview for a job. This process can be done manually by human resources professionals or it can be automated using an applicant tracking system (ATS).

An ATS is a software application that helps organizations manage their recruitment process. It can be used to post job ads, collect resumes, screen candidates, and schedule interviews. All resumes received through various sourcing channels are automatically forwarded to the ATS. The ATS then separates the data into candidate profiles that are simple to read, filter, and distribute.

What's Going Wrong?

One of the benefits of using an ATS is that it can save time by automatically screening resumes for specific keywords. For example, if a job requires experience with a certain software program, the ATS can be configured to only consider resumes that contain that keyword.

However, this process is not perfect and there are some drawbacks to using an ATS for resume screening. One issue is that well-suited candidates may be screened out if their resume doesn't contain the right keywords. Research shows that 40% of candidates don't have an applicant tracking system compliant resume.

This can be a problem if the keywords are not well chosen or if the candidate's resume is not properly optimized for the ATS. As a result, well-suited candidates may be passed over for jobs that they would have been perfect for.

For example, imagine you are looking for a customer service representative who is also proficient in Spanish. You might configure your ATS to screen for resumes that contain the keywords "customer service" and "Spanish." However, this process would also screen out candidates who are customer service representatives but don't have the keyword "Spanish" in their resume.


How Hirize Does This Different?

Hirize is a new ATS and HR application that offers a different perspective on the technology currently used in human resources. Hirize noted that recruiting is still carried out, in the same way, today despite the most advanced technology. By using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to forecast candidate match rates and length of stay at a job, Hirize aims to upend the HR sector.

Hirize doesn't just look for specific keywords in resumes like other ATSs. Instead, it uses machine learning to understand the context of the words in a resume. This allows it to screen for candidates that are well-suited for a job, even if they don't use the exact keyword in their resume.

Hirize is using the most powerful AI technology known as Deep Learning to power its tools. The next generation of this groundbreaking system can identify if you're a good fit for an open position within seconds and automatically schedule interviews based on match rates against your job requirements with just one click!

If your business already uses an ATS, you can supercharge processes by using Hirize Plugins:


Resumes are transformed into organized sets of data using resume parsing technology. This is accomplished by carefully examining resumes and extracting relevant information which can be used immediately to conduct searches on specific abilities or expertise with just a few mouse clicks, saving both employers hours every day they would have spent looking through duplicate personnel files in order to find suitable employees.


Using sophisticated algorithms, Hirize's matching technology does not only focus on how many different works experience a candidate has but also decides by looking at their development processes. This saves recruiters time from having to review each application submitted and instead lets them find the best applicant for an open position with just one click of a button!

Retainme (Predictive Analytics)

Predictive Analytics is a field of data science that deals with making predictions about future events based on historical data. Hirize's Retainme tool uses predictive analytics to identify which candidates are most likely to be successful in a specific role and which ones are more likely to leave the company after a short period of time. This allows employers to make better hiring decisions and retain their employees for longer.

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Other advantages of Hirize:

  • Adjustable to your company's specific requirements.

Each business's needs are different. It is important for an ATS to be able to adjust to the specific requirements of each company. Hirize is able to do this by allowing businesses to create their own custom screening criteria.

  • Scheduling a variety of flows, from simple to complex.

Hirize offers a variety of flows that can be used to schedule interviews. These range from simple flows, such as screening for a specific keyword, to complex flows that consider multiple factors.

  • Developed by HR professionals.

Hirize was developed by HR professionals who understand the challenges faced by those in the industry. This allows Hirize to offer a tool that is designed to meet the specific needs of human resources professionals.

  • You don't need to utilize a separate chatbot

Unlike other simple AI tools, the deep learning tool makes use of common sense, so you don't need to utilize a different chatbot.

  • Easy to use:

Hirize's interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. So you don't need to spend much time learning how to use the tool.

  • Affordable:

Hirize's pricing is designed to be affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Basic plan: 9.99/mo Premium plan: 24.99/mo Enterprise plan: For further information about this plan, please contact sales. Hirize also offers a free trial of 14 days so you can try the tool before you commit to it.

Would you like to learn more about Hirize and how it can benefit your business? Visit today!